Homosexuálni kresťania a im blízki

“Zjednotenie v priateľskom zväzku ponára do kontemplácie Boha.”

Sv. Aelred z Rievaulx, De Spirituali Amicitia

About GayChristians Slovakia


We are Christians who experience a sexual orientation different from the majority's heterosexual orientation. Within our churches this is often perceived as a problem, subjecting us to various pressures and worries. We, however, consider both our faith and our sexuality a gift from our Creator. We are not a civic group or a political organization; we have no spokesperson either. We are simply a handful of LGBT Christians trying to create a space for other LGBT Christians to discuss and share their problems, as it so often seems impossible to openly talk about LGBT issues in our home faith communities. We are a mixed-denomination community, because sexual orientation and faith are present across all Christian denominations.


This is a tough question to answer. Coming from several Christian denominations, we have the usual differences in questions of faith (what exactly is salvation, faith, which books of the Bible are canonical...) but we listen to each other in the spirit of ecumenism. We approach and understand our sexuality in different ways, and people among us will to various degrees share the teachings of different Christian churches on sexuality, or will to various degrees be critical of these teachings. As a group, we may therefore appear too orthodox to some, and too liberal to others. We have no set common creed and no by-laws. We do not exclude anyone who has these two characteristics: they consider themselves a Christian and experience a non-heterosexual orientation.